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    Recruitment Process

    It is best to allow for as much time as possible before you can go to the field, remembering that the process includes interviews, recruitment checks, and a pre-departure course. It can sometimes take six months or longer to get from application to the field. The typical recruitment process and steps involved are outlined below in more detail. 

    Steps in the recruitment process
    Step 1: Research if you match our field profiles.

    Research your profile and if possible attend a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) information session.

    Step 2: Prepare your application and apply online.

    The applicant completes an online application form, including a current CV and a skills self-assessment form. For some profiles, proof of diplomas and references will be required.

    Step 3: Your application is then reviewed by a recruitment officer, some profiles are technically assessed for additional validation.

    Selected profiles would also undergo additional technical skills assessment and validation, those applicants will be asked to fill in additional forms. The application review can take approximately four weeks after receiving the application.

    Step 4: Positively screened applicants are invited to an interview with a recruitment officer.

    The interview takes place online so please ensure you have a good Wi-Fi connection, video chat/camera and privacy to allow you to focus on your interview. (In certain situations, there might be face to face interviews or assessments required, but due to COVID-19 the face-to-face assessment are temporarily on hold until further notice).

    Step 5: Following a successful interview and reference checks, candidates are invited to a non-technical induction course.
    This induction course usually runs for approximately 3-days and is part of the recruitment process. Some candidates may still be rejected or additional assessment maybe be required.
    Step 6: You are matched to a field need (vacancy/position) based on your profile (and availability).
    Following successful completion of the induction course, candidates are accepted into the pool of active field staff. Placement on a field assignment is entirely dependent on field needs, and can take several months from the point of acceptance into the active pool.
    Step 7: You are briefed on the position and the context.
    You will be matched to a field mission based on your profile and availability. Once you are matched, your visa, flights, briefings and other practicalities will be organized to get you ready to join your field team.

    Recruitment checklist

    Review our recruitment checklist before you start your application.