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    Warning: Scammers mentioning Doctors Without Borders

    We have received reports of individuals posing as Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff in order to scam people out of money.

    Doctors Without Borders is asking everyone to watch out for all attempted fraud being committed using our organisation. Please do not to transfer money to any unknown person’s account.

    Reported scams:

    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff in emails, requesting reimbursements for donations. To seem credible, they may name actual staff or senior management in their appeals.
    • People setting up fake websites copying Doctors Without Borders’ information in order to commit online fraud.
    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff, requesting money to pay for medical procedures for fictitious patients.
    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff (or claiming to be acting on behalf of Doctors Without Borders staff) using social networking sites to request money to allegedly cover the travel costs of a staff member’s return from a field mission.
    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff, claiming to have been detained on their way home, and asking for money to be released from detention.
    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff (or using the name of the organization) to make professional connections or false job offers. They may also request payment, “application fees,” or ask for your personal data.
    • People posing as Doctors Without Borders staff (or using the name of the organization) to accept packages.
    • An individual or individuals carrying out what appears to be fraudulent collections of money in public locations, while pretending to represent Doctors Without Borders.

    If you are a victim of any of these scams or fraudulent activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and/or report to the relevant authorities.

    • Please be reminded that: Doctors Without Borders never takes donations through individual field workers, whether medical or non-medical, or volunteers, nor would we use their private bank accounts. The easiest and safest way to donate or support our social mission is through this platform: Donate to Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders staff are aware of our protocols for field assignments. If they need to return earlier due to personal reasons, they can apply to end their field assignment and will not be charged for leaving the projects earlier than originally planned;
    • Doctors Without Borders covers accommodation and transportation of our staff throughout the duration of their work with us, including travel costs between their places of residence and project locations, and provides insurance;
    • Doctors Without Borders provides field workers with all the supplies and equipment they need in field projects;

    Therefore, Doctors Without Borders staff would never need to ask anyone for help with finance or other resources.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].