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    Other medical-related specialists 

    Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) actively recruit the specialists listed on our website. However, occasionally we may require other specialists for our projects. 

    Profiles we may need in the future include: 

    • Medical Anthropologist

    • Biomedical logistician

    • Endocrinologist

    • Entomologist

    • GPs specialised in Diabetes

    • Histopathologist

    • Histotechnologist 

    • Nephrologist

    • Neurologist

    • Nutritionist

    • Oncologist

    • Physiotherapist

    • Radiographer

    • Radiologist 

    If you are a specialist in these fields or any other field and would like to register your interest in working with us, please apply today and send us your CV.  We will contact you if any relevant opportunities arise.