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    About the role of Infection Prevention Control (IPC) Specialist

    Infection Prevention Control (IPC) is a significant part of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)’s project operations. As an Infection Prevention Control specialist you are responsible for the IPC activities and lead the development and maintenance of an infection control program, according to Doctors Without Borders protocols and standards in order to ensure the quality of care and safety of patients, caretakers and staff. 

    Your clinical skills and resourcefulness will be put to the test while you work in locations where the health care infrastructure may have completely fallen apart, or while you work to diagnose and treat medical conditions in low resource settings. Your managerial and administration skills will be called upon as you supervise large teams of local staff and manage busy emergency departments. You will not be facing these challenges alone - Doctors Without Borders provides expert technical support including extensive guidelines and protocols. 

    You will:

    1. Define, implement and monitor the IPC project plans in collaboration with the medical team, nursing team, logistics team and relevant committees;
    2. Provide expertise, support and training for staff on IPC related issues; and
    3. Guarantee project compliance to MSF IPC standards. 


    • Compliance with Essential Criteria
    • Medical Doctor or Registered Nurse or degree in a healthcare-related field (public health, nursing, microbiology, pharmacy, medicine etc.)  
    • Infection Prevention Control certificate/diploma
    • Experience working in IPC in a hospital setting 
    • Available to work in the field for a minimum of 6 months
    • Tropical Medicine
    • Remote and low resource setting experience
    • Clinical experience in Infectious Diseases (STDs, HIV/AIDS, TB)