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    About the role of Anaesthetist

    Anaesthetists are required for an increasing number of surgical projects that Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) manage around the world. In this capacity, you need the flexibility to work with limited resources and face various challenges that may range from trauma patients to women requiring emergency caesarian sections.

    In addition to in-theatre work, your responsibility will include pre-operative assessment and resuscitation, and post-operative assistance. You will also be involved in the supervision of national staff working in the recovery room and the wards.

    Be prepared for the fact that diagnostic equipment and facilities in the operating theatre will be limited – there may not even be an X-ray machine.


    • Compliance with Essential Criteria

    • Valid degree and current license
    • Completed residency in anaesthesia
    • Experiences in supervising, managing and training others, in paediatrics, obstetrics, and trauma anaesthesia and/ in dissociation anaesthesia (e.g. Ketamine)
    • Extensive experience in spinal anaesthesia
    • Availability for at least 6-8 weeks
    Note regarding availability and notice period
    • Available at short notice (in emergencies we may need anaesthetists to leave within 24 to 48 hours)
    • Due to the emergency nature of many of our projects, anaesthetists are often needed at very short notice. However, for some longer-term projects, it may be possible to confirm a placement well in advance.  If you are genuinely interested to work with us but have concerns regarding the period of notice you may require, we encourage you to apply. Your individual circumstances can be discussed as part of the interview process.

    Join our team

    Start your application process to join our team. You will be directed to the MSF Hong Kong recruitment website to submit your application.